About the 'Gallery'

Project Mission Gallery is a traveling art gallery that focuses on emerging artists who identify as People of Color (PoC), within local communities. As a traveling gallery we take pride in supporting emerging arts, holding critical discussions through art, and building strong relationships through collaboration. Our programming includes exhibitions, workshops, and other interdisciplinary work, with the intention of creating multiple access points to creativity, art, and community building.

We believe there are many voices waiting to be heard within the arts, and our goal is to contribute in making that happen. 




The Team


Founder, Director

Mattie Loyce, currently based in London, UK is the founder/director of Project Mission Gallery and co-founder of The Art of Life After, a community based healing project for survivors of sexual violence. She was born and raised in San Francisco, CA but has spent a large part of her life living nomadically. Her experience traveling, building chosen family, being immersed in different cultures, and finding common threads between spaces all have taken part in the inspiring the creation of Mission Gallery. She playfully refers to Mission Gallery as a 'Guerilla Art Gallery'; to date completing exhibitions across both the east and west coasts of the U.S.A. and the city of London. She is deeply inspired by community building, expressive arts, sharing ancestral and contemporary histories, and organizing for healing and justice through the arts. 

Instagram: @yea.mattie



Creative Director

Jennifer Younge is a Philadelphian born fine artist, curator and activist. She received her BA in Art focused in Digital Media from the Tyler School of Art in 2012 and is currently attending Kingston University’s Museum & Gallery Studies Masters Program. Jen has a background in art gallery work as well as community activism and her professional philosophy is centered around creating and making space where art is for everyone. 

Instagram: @jimmylovely